As a landmark office tower in sophisticated South Yarra, it follows that 627 Chapel Street offers a supreme experience at every stage of the journey within. From arrival to departure and every moment in between, one’s work life here is anything but ordinary.

This begins in the foyer, where the interior design sets a new benchmark for the workplace experience, introducing an unprecedented commitment to luxury at a level usually reserved for world-class hotels.

Meanwhile on the floors above, the changing nature of work means has inspired a wide variety of settings including open-air terraces, with a careful consideration of intelligent design and workplace thinking, while still being visually stunning.

Large, flexible floorplates throughout 627 Chapel Street will allow tenants to create the workspaces that best suit their employees, and a dedicated, luxurious lounge on the ground floor will add another dimension to every day.

For those making their way to work by bike, there are abundant bike lockers, a bicycle maintenance station and helmet lockers, with direct access to toilets and ensuite bathrooms.

It’s the moments away from the desk which will make coming to work at 627 Chapel Street an inspired experience.